Department of European Funds

Batorego 5 Str., 02-591 Warsaw Poland


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About us

The Department for European Funds has been entrusted with the management of European programmes in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. In the Department, a Unit for European Funds and a Unit for Norway Grants and Control have been established, whose employees are directly, within their framework, responsible for the administration of programmes and projects implementation.

One of the tasks of Department for European Funds is to administer the policy of the Minister of the Interior and Administration in the field of management and implementation of European programmes. Department is responsible in particular for:
1.    comprehensive management of the European Funds, in particular:
a.    the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund,
b.    the European Refugee Fund,
c.    the European Return Fund,
d.    the Internal Security Fund,
e.    the External Borders Fund;
2.    substantive, organisational and technical support for the Interministry Team for the Utilization of the European Funds in the area of internal affairs;
3.    preparing analyses and information in the scope of the European Funds at the disposal of the Minister;
4.    management of the Norway Grants;
5.    management of applications for funding from the reserve in the state budget, in scope of projects handled by the Department;
6.    collaboration with designated organisational units of the Ministry on issues related to the use of funds from the European Union budget.