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A new tool in the fight against false documents

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    Logo of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009–2014

Warsaw Metropolitan Police, in partnership with the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS / KRIPOS), Border Guard National Headquarters, Municipal Guard of the Capital City of Warsaw, Polish Security Printing Works and the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, has just launched a project titled Training state services to protect the Schengen acquis by verifying authenticity of identity cards, travel documents, residence cards and documents in economic trade of the EU, with the use of new technologies, implemented under Norway Grants 2009–2014, PL 15 Programme.

Norway is strongly committed to the development and the protection of its achievements of the European Union. One of the Donor’s priorities in the framework of PL 15 Programme is to improve the ability of the public services to prevent and combat cross-border and organized crime, including human trafficking and migration of criminal groups. The creation of the Schengen zone allowed to move freely between the countries of this area. Unfortunately, this also applies to cross-border criminal groups that do not spare efforts and financial resources to use the Schengen acquis in their criminal activity. Increasingly popular means used by these criminal groups are forgery of documents.

In addition, criminal groups operating in the Schengen area (including the area of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police) have a high–quality printing and computer equipment at their disposal as well as high flexibility in adapting to the changes in the security of documents.

Because of the course of the most important transit routes and airports, the Warsaw Metropolitan Police area is the place to detect large number of crimes connected with falsified documents. Training for officials, as well as employees of public administration and financial institutions located in this crucial area, will contribute positively to an even greater increase in the detection of this type of crime, and thus more effective protection of the Schengen acquis.

The trainings will be conducted in the cascade system - first there will be 60 trainers trained, and then they will subsequently pass on their knowledge to 3 500 participants.

In addition, the following informational materials will be created within the project framework: video and brochure that will help officers and employees of administration and financial institutions in verification of security documents with which they deal on a daily basis. Materials will be distributed to interested parties.


Based on materials prepared by the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Warsaw