The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

The National Programme

In the framework of AMIF, each Member State shall submit its National Programme to the European Commission for approval. It is a multi-annual programme that covers subsequent fiscal years in the period between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2020. It shall serve as a guidance document for all measures planned for implementation in the framework of the Fund.

The National Programme shall include information relating to measures taken by the institutions of the public finance sector, NGOs, international and intergovernmental institutions (analogous to measures implemented under a call for proposals and a restricted call for proposals within EIF, ERF and RF), as well as information on specific actions. Projects implemented in the framework of specific actions, which receive funding from the European Commission, shall be included in the National Program of the state acting as the project leader.

A specific amount shall be allocated to each Member State, used to finance activities supported by AMIF. This amount does not include the financing of activities carried out within the framework of special actions. The European Commission has allocated additional resources to the implementation of the latter.

The Authority Responsible for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) develops the AMIF National Programme. In the framework of recent consultations, 13 entities (including public institutions and NGOs) submitted comments on the draft National Programme. We wish to extend our thanks to all institutions involved for the submitted comments. Currently, the NP is being amended following the proposed changes. Once the final version of draft National Programme is established, it shall be sent to the European Commission for review and approval. Following its acceptance, the document shall become legally binding. All interested entities shall have the opportunity to apply for funds provided under the National Programme once the Responsible Authority (MSW) announces calls for proposals.

According to the latest information received from the European Commission, Member States can expect approval of National Programmes by the end of 2014, in which case a call for proposal would be announced at the beginning of 2015.

Measures under AMIF will be implemented in the framework of the Specific Goals, among which the following Priorities have been identified:

  1. Specific Goal: Asylum
    ​Strengthening and developing all aspects of the Common European Asylum System
    1. National Priority: Reception/ Asylum (asylum and reception systems)
    2. National Priority: Evaluation (evaluation of asylum)
    3. National Priority: Resettlement
  2. Specific Goal: Integration/ Legal migration
    ​Supporting legal migration to Member States in accordance with their economic and social needs, i.a. the needs of the labour market, while ensuring consistency of Member States' migration systems and promoting an effective integration of third-country nationals
    1. National Priority: Legal migration
    2. National Priority: Integration
    3. National Priority: Capacity Building
  3. Specific goal: Returns
    Improving fair and effective return strategies in Member States as an element of the fight against illegal immigration, with focus on ensuring durability of returns and effective readmission in countries of origin and transit
    1. National Priority: Measures accompanying return procedures
    2. National Priority: Return measures
    3. National Priority: Cooperation
  4. Specific goal: Solidarity
    ​Strengthening - also through practical cooperation - solidarity and responsibility sharing between Member States, in particular with regard to the countries most affected by the phenomenon of migration and asylum flows.
    1. National Priority:  Relocation (transfer of applicants and/or beneficiaries of international protection)