The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Specific actions

Specific actions are additional projects that shall not be fully implemented in the framework of the National Programme. The European Commission has allocated an additional envelope to these types of measures, independent of the amounts allocated to each Member State under AMIF. However, each National Programme shall contain information about projects that will receive funding from the European Commission; they are to be included in the National Programme of the state acting as project leader.

In the framework of AMIF, specific actions can be performed in the following categories:

  1. Establishment and development of transit and processing centres for refugees in the European Union, in particular to support resettlement operations in cooperation with the UNHCR.
  2. New approaches, in cooperation with the UNHCR, concerning access to asylum procedures targeting main countries of transit, such as protection programmes for particular groups or certain examination procedures in relation to asylum applications.
  3. Joint initiatives amongst Member States in the field of integration, such as benchmarking exercises, peer reviews or testing of European modules, for example on the acquisition of language skills or the organisation of introductory programmes, aimed at streamlining coordination of policies among Member States, regions and local authorities.
  4. Joint initiatives aimed at identification and implementation of new approaches concerning the procedures at first encounter and standards of protection of unaccompanied minors.
  5. Joint return operations, including joint actions on implementation of Union readmission agreements.
  6. Joint reintegration projects in the countries of origin with a view to sustainable return, as well as joint actions to strengthen third countries' capacities to implement Union readmission agreements.
  7. Joint initiatives aimed at restoring family unity and reintegration of unaccompanied minors in their countries of origin.
  8. Joint initiatives of Member States in the area of legal migration, i.a. setting up of joint migration centres in third-countries, as well as joint projects to promote cooperation between Member States, aimed at promoting the use of legal migration channels and providing information about the dangers of illegal migration.

The European Commission intends to complete the assessment of applications for financing Specific Actions in the first quarter of 2015. Selected projects shall be included in the National Program and, ultimately, accepted together with the document.