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NOTE! Consultations on the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund National Programme – until 10 June!

The Responsible Authority for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) is developing the AMIF National Programme. Following consultation, a working document was drawn up, covering a range of specific objectives, priorities, initial financial breakdown of resources allocated to specific measures (in euro) and estimated indicators (document attached – AMIF – for consultation).

The document has a different structure than documents previously established in the ERF, European Return Fund and the European Fund for the Integration of third–country nationals. AMIF National Program is to be a general document. The template is in English and the content in Polish; ultimately, the two language versions – Polish and English – shall be legally binding.

All proposed measures must comply with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (document attached).

The presented content is part of the National Programme, while the final version shall be further supplemented with information and technical data.

We invite interested organizations and institutions to read the draft document and submit comments.

We kindly ask you not to submit project proposals  the National Program provides a general description of actions that may be financed and implemented by various entities, and it shall not include specific projects. We invite you to refer to the proposed activities, the initial financial breakdown and indicators.

The structure of the document deserves particular attention. The number of characters to be inserted in each section is limited, and therefore proposals that are too long or detailed cannot be included in the document.

If you wish to include comments to the attached document, please use insert a comment or track changes options.

Observations and comments should be sent at through 10 June 2014.