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Information on the call for proposals no 4/2016 AMIF

We kindly inform that the call for proposals no 4/2016/AMIF noted the submission of 24 proposals.

Out of the 24 proposals:

·         12 have been qualified to the content-related assessment (without comments),

·         9 have been requested to apply corrections,

·         3 have been rejected.

Proposals that have met all formal criteria shall be directed to the content-related assessment within the next few days.

Proposals to which comments were provided shall be re-analyzed after the corrections have been applied.

Proposals that have been rejected at the stage of formal assessment – the Applicant shall have the right to appeal against the decision within 10 calendar days of being notified that their proposal has been rejected.

List of proposals submitted under the call for proposals no 4/2016 AMIF.