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Information on an assessment process of proposals submitted under calls for proposals no 4/2016 AMIF and 5/2016/AMIF

We kindly inform that the call for proposals no 5/2016/AMIF noted the submission of 57 proposals. In most cases a formal assessment of applications has been finished. In case of 4 applications we have been still waiting to clarify if letters concerning formal assessment have been delivered to Beneficiaries, which prevents the formal assessment to be officially finished. Nevertheless Department for Border Policy and International Funds has decided to launch a content-related assessment of submitted application at the same time, in order to urgently finish the assessment process. Despite of 45 days period for a content-related assessment process, which should begin after finishing a formal assessment process, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, taking care of applicants expectations, shall make its best efforts to finish the assessment process in October.

At the same time, the call for proposals no 4/2016/AMIF noted the submission of 24 proposals. In that case we are still waiting for 1 application to be clarified if the correspondence has been delivered. Other applications have been formally assessed and, just like the applications submitted under 4/2016/AMIF, directed to a content-related assessment. With regard to the need to conduct 2 separate assessments at the same time, the Responsible Authority shall make its best efforts to finish the assessment process in October, which means that a period for assessment process is going to be shortened.