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Summary meeting of the beneficiaries of PL 15 Programme

  • Summary meeting
    Summary meeting
  • Presentation of the project
    Presentation of the project
  • Training for beneficiaries
    Training for beneficiaries

The Summary meeting of the beneficiaries of the PL15 Programme – Schengen Cooperation and Combating Cross-border and Organized Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups has been hold on 2nd-4th August 2017 in Paprotnia near Sochaczew. The Department for Border Policy and International Funds, PL 15 Programme Operator, in cooperation with the Implementation Center of the European Projects, have invited representors of the beneficiaries to share and exchange experiences and good practices and discuss Programme implementation and projects as well.

During the seminar, projects performed by e.g. Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Border Guards Headquarters, La Strada Foundation, Department of Analyses and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Lublin Commune as well as Polish customs and tax authorities have been presented. The organizators have sum up practical and direct aspects of PL 15 Programme implementation and figures concerning its realization.

Within the frameworks of the meeting, beneficiaries have also took part in the training on management of the projects being financed by outside capital.